What is Whiplash?

A sudden back and forth acceleration of the head on the neck is the simplest way to define whiplash. A whiplash can result in pains in the neck, shoulder, mid back low back and headaches. A car accident typically causes a whiplash, yet it can be the result of any traumatic event where your head is violently and suddenly shaken.

What to do if you have Whiplash?

If you are suffering from whiplash, it is important to initiate and maintain gentle movements of the neck. It may seem counterintuitive at first, but your recovery will be smoother if you avoid stiffening up.

Once we assess and make a diagnosis of your injuries, our team at Focus Physiotherapy will be able to identify the best treatment plan to assist in reaching your maximum possible physical recovery.

Our skilled physiotherapists will work with you and whatever associated injuries to help you return to being you.

The pain of whiplash and the trauma associated with car accidents are nothing to be taken lightly. Our team of experienced and skilled practitioners can assist and guide you on the path to recovery.

What about my other injuries from the same accident?

Our team understands Whiplash is only one injury that can result from a car accident. We can treat many areas of injury within the same session, taking the time to tailor your program to your needs.

What type of treatment can I expect after a car accident for Whiplash?

Seamless. From intake to full recovery our goal at Focus Physiotherapy is to make the recovery process seamless. We will assist you with all you paperwork and guide you through the process.

Our team will then develop a comprehensive treatment plan consisting of interventions such as physiotherapy, massage therapy, manual therapy, active therapy, electrical modalities, laser IFC and ultrasound.

Our guidance will be there to ensure your transition from injury to recovery will be smooth. You can feel safe and assured in the knowledge that our treatment goals are based on whatever your life needs are.